Bookkeeping From Home – Make Money At Home Doing Basic Bookkeeping

Bookkeeping as a part-time job or a full-time career is a proper way for people making money working at home. You can start a bookkeeping career from home without having to purchase any exclusive equipment or worry about planning authorizations or more insurance for your facilities. Bookkeeping is not difficult to do, anybody with the ability to do simple arithmetic can learn to be a bookkeeper.

Bookkeeping Law and Tax

All companies, large and small, are required by law to keep accounting books. This implies the registration of all the financial transactions of a company. This can be done physically using the accounting books, or entering the figures in worksheets on a computer or using dedicated bookkeeping software. In addition to the legal requirement for a company to have books, business owners need bookkeeping records so they know correctly how commercial the business is. An important element of bookkeeping is to make sure that the exact amount of taxes is paid at the proper time to evade financial penalties.

Bookkeeping in a Shoe Box

There are millions of small business owners who depend on manual accounting. For a large number of these operators, bookkeeping means keeping bills, receipts, estimates, utility bills and odd pieces of paper in a shoe box. When the time for taxes arrives, the shoe box is given over to a bookkeeper who will transform the disaster into a clean record of the company’s financial dealings. Several small business owners choose to work in their businesses in place of wasting time preparing their individual bookkeeping records to go with their receipts collection.

Bookkeeping Software

Many companies use bookkeeping software to store their books since the software is economical and just easy to use. The use of bookkeeping software doesn’t replace the requirement for a bookkeeper, it simply facilitates the work of the bookkeeper. The software can’t do the work of a human brain. The software requires human intervention to function accurately, a software program will not consider for itself things like what elements can be legally compensated with taxes.

Bookkeeping Classes

Bookkeeping classes are available now at most local universities or you may select to follow a distance learning program. Conducting an online bookkeeping course is a very useful way to study along with other commitments. Taking a bookkeeping course on the Internet is a very flexible way to get a professional qualification while working on a prevailing job or taking care of children in the home. You can study during the hours that just suit you and, as long as you meet the deadlines, you can finish the tasks whenever you want.

Bookkeeper as a Career

People of any age and origin can become bookkeepers and they work from home as freelancers. Many are mothers who want a well-paid career managing a bookkeeping business from home while raising their family. For young people seeking a good career, a professional bookkeeping qualification may be the primary step to become a qualified bookkeeper and this opens the door to all kinds of well-paid career prospects.


If you are orderly and methodical and you enjoy ordering chaos, a career as a bookkeeper might be ideal for you. When you are ready to study, you can get a bookkeeping qualification by studying from home or by taking a part-time course at a local university.

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Why Virtual Bookkeepers Cost Less than In-House Bookkeeping Staff

Virtual bookkeepers and part-time financial controllers at can help you with both. Hiring a virtual bookkeeper and part-time financial controller is about 30 to 50% less expensive than hiring an in-house bookkeeper. As far as a financial controller or CFO, most small businesses can’t afford the six figure salary that comes with that position. With a part-time financial controller, you have an accounting expert with a birds-eye view of your business and a trusted adviser when you need him. Your financial controller will help with financial analysis and forecasting on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis, but there’s no need to pay a full-time salary. Pay just for the services you need.

Why Virtual Bookkeepers Cost Less to Use

Outsourced bookkeepers Melbourne do not come to your office, so you don’t have to supply a desk, chair or office space. If you’re reducing staff in the New Year or maybe implementing telecommuting or office-share policies, you’ll save even more money. They also provide bookkeepers and financial controllers with their own computer system running QuickBooks, Sage or another cloud-based bookkeeping software that meets your needs.

If your business is considering virtual bookkeeping and/or financial controller the following should be a part of getting started on the process:

1 – An informational, “getting to know you,” meeting, where the size of your company and your specific bookkeeping and part-time financial controllership needs is discussed, learn more information at

2 – An NDA is signed before work begins, guaranteeing the privacy of your financial records and company information

3 – You get started with the best bookkeeping software for your company. If you are already using QuickBooks and want to continue using it, the part-time CPAs and bookkeepers should be trained in this popular accounting software. But there are other scalable, cloud-based accounting programs that might fit your needs even better. Because all software is cloud-based, there will be no expensive hardware upgrades and your IT staff won’t be required to put in extra hours. You’ll just need the latest version of your web browser installed to ensure the security of your financial data.

4 – From there, the accuracy of your financial data will be checked, looking for “red-flag” errors, and make sure everything is up to date. Thereafter, your books will always be accurate and up-to-date. Weekly or monthly financial meetings will provide you with the information you need to steer your company down the right path.


Your virtual bookkeeper will also cost less than an in-house bookkeeper. Here are just a few ways you’ll save money, time, and headaches through the hiring process and when you bring a virtual bookkeeper on board to help your business. get more details, straight from the source.

You don’t have to pay benefits, unemployment insurance or social security taxes for your virtual bookkeeper. Your virtual bookkeeper manages your daily, weekly, and monthly small business bookkeeping needs. And you can focus on running your business, just the way you should.